Face to Face

Awards Table

Network, build new business pipeline and promote your brand to industry leaders

NCE presents four annual awards that offer opportunities to network with the key influencers in the civil engineering industry, along with the chance to position your brand at the forefront of infrastructure delivery:

  • British Construction Industry Awards
  • International Tunnelling and Underground Space Awards
  • NCE/ACE Consultants of the Year Awards
  • NCE Graduate Awards

 With a dedicated awards team, each award ceremony is promoted across a multi-platform and integrated marketing campaign, ensuring your brand is seen over 1 million times across the 8 months leading up to the awards.

Attendees: 1,200+     

Marketing strengths: Announce & Explain, Contact & Convert


Network with sector leaders and gain commercial insight

NCE hosts a number of technical and commercial conferences each year including:

  • Airport Development, Design and Engineering
  • UK Rail
  • UK Roads
  • Water Projects
  • Tunnelling
  • Flood Management

Sponsors obtain access and insight from industry leading clients, contractors and engineers, as well as the ability to showcase their products and services.

These industry-leading events provide an excellent opportunity to raise your profile and position yourselves as thought leaders throughout the event content and our marketing campaign.

Attendees: 650+ attendees

Marketing strengths: Lead & grow, Contact & Convert


Deliver insight to the market with the backing of industry leading experts

Create and co-host a bespoke roundtable with NCE. Our editorial team will ensure the topic reflects industry concerns, and work with you to create an invite list that will open accounts.

Roundtables provide:

  • Focused networking with an intimate audience of 10-12 C-suite industry experts
  • Double page spread (DPS) providing fascinating insight to readers and thought leadership
  • Key industry insight

Marketing strength: Lead & Grow, Contact & Convert


Network with 1,100+ engineering and construction leaders

NCE host four market leading awards ceremonies every year:

  • British Construction Industry Awards
  • International Tunnelling and Underground Space Awards
  • NCE/ACE Consultants of the Year Awards
  • NCE Graduate Awards

You can purchase a table for 10 people at any of our awards, giving you face to face access to 1000+ industry leaders.

A prime networking opportunity, awards table buyers gain access to the table plan prior to the event in order to plan conversations and introductions.

Marketing strength: Lead & Grow, Contact & Convert

Bespoke Content

Special Reports
Partnership publishing

Garner market intelligence and key new business contacts

New Civil Engineer briefings offer excellent, focused networking with an audience who you have helped select. Converse about your proposition, build pipeline and find out what your clients really want.

Designed to educate, typical format is:

  • 30 minutes networking/arrival time
  • Breakfast
  • Intro from New Civil Engineer
  • Intro from sponsor (3/5 minutes)
  • Up to 3 x 10 minute presentations from guest speakers
  • 15 minute Q&A

Attendees: 30 - 50

Marketing strength: Lead and grow, Contact and Convert


Do you have market leading knowledge and expertise in a specific industry sector or specialism?

Alternatively, maybe your company is working on, or has recently finished working on a major and technically innovative project that you would like to showcase.

Commission a special report, working with the New Civil Engineer editorial team.

Special reports include:

  • Sponsor logo on front cover
  • A foreword from your company
  • Billed as “in association with”

Align your organization with the power and influence of NCE, utilize editorial experience and thought lead on a topic of your choice.

Marketing strength: Lead & Grow, Announce & Explain


Create a unique piece of journalism

Work closely with the New Civil Engineer’s editorial team on a piece of journalism that reflects your brand achievements and projects.

Benefits include:

  • Promote brand achievements
  • Thought leadership
  • Encourage people to want to discover more about your proposition

All subjects must be agreed with New Civil Engineer’s editorial team. Partnership publishing is a minimum of 4 pages long.

Marketing strength: Announce & Explain, Contact & Convert


Project profiles

Choose to profile your company’s expertise within industry specific features and access a particular audience. If you have a project you would like to promote and believe demonstrates your company’s expertise we can profile it in the magazine.

Profile includes:

  • A photo of your project
  • Up to 500 words about the project

We will lay the profile out in the house style of New Civil Engineer and you will be shown copy prior to publication.

Marketing strength: Lead & Grow, Announce & Explain

Lead Generation

Solus Emails
Whitepaper Downloads

Generate 100 – 500 targeted leads and stream live to an engaged audience

A New Civil Engineer webinar topic is created in collaboration with you. Create a panel and see your webinar promoted over a multi-platform marketing campaign and social media, to build registrations of viewers. Data from this is provided to you as immediate warm leads.  

During the webinar, registered viewers can:

  • Send live questions to panelists
  • Download whitepapers

The video file is yours for promotional use long after the event, and continues to garner leads for 12 months while hosted on

Marketing strength: Contact & Convert, Lead & Grow



Your message, direct into the inbox of key decision makers

You provide NCE with the HTML content and NCE sends it out direct to an engaged audience of over 20,000 industry leaders. An ideal platform to promote new products and services, press releases, white papers and events.

Use solus emails to:

  • Find out who is interested in your product
  • Generate traffic to your website
  • Capture data

A solus email perfectly complements a print and digital campaign, solidifying the impact of your message.

Marketing strength: Announce & Explain, Lead & Grow


Create invaluable marketing insight

Create and run a market survey hosted by NCE, and establish your target audience and gain exclusive insight into the marketplace.

Surveys are promoted by New Civil Engineer via:

  • Email
  • Online
  • Social media

Sponsors are given the option to host a prize draw and capture data.

All survey results are given to the sponsor, including audience demographics.

Typical respondents: 40–200+
Marketing strength: Contact & Convert, Lead & Grow


Generate relevant leads for your business

Utilise the market access of New Civil Engineer to promote a whitepaper and receive timely, quantitative leads.

Provide us with content relevant to your target audience in the form of whitepapers, case studies, videos or research and we market it via an interactive mix of channels including:

  • Newsletters
  • Social media

Whitepapers can build a more efficient sales pipeline and deliver an engaged audience of decision makers.

Volume: 30 – 100 leads

Marketing strength: Contact & Convert, Lead & Grow


Channel Sponsorship

Raise your brand profile online

The NCE website delivers comprehensive market insight from the world of engineering.

Digital display gives you an opportunity to reach them directly, in real time, as they browse our daily content.

Standard ad formats include:

  • Upper leaderboard
  • Top MPU
  • Skyscraper
  • Bottom MPU
  • Lower leaderboard

With access to a digital back catalogue of NCE editions and breaking news ahead of the print magazine, gets your message to market with an immediate impact.

Marketing strengths: Announce & Explain, Contact & Convert


Stand out from the competition online

New Civil Engineer offers dynamic, creative online marketing solutions that boost the visibility for your brand, increasing interaction and redirecting traffic to your website.

Creative ad formats include:

  • Skins
  • Double skins
  • Full page takeover
  • Page peels
  • Double MPU

Maximise the impact to your target audience and make a statement.

Unique users: + 50,000

Marketing strengths: Announce & Explain, Contact & Convert


Become part of

Sponsorship of a channel on gives you ownership of every ad position on an exclusive basis, thereby blocking any potential competitor from advertising at the same time on that section.

Channel sponsorship:

  • Allows you to place creative against relevant content
  • Target key exclusive audience
  • Create an impact

Marketing strengths: Announce & Explain, Contact & Convert


New Civil Engineer App

Access a global engineering network

The NCE iPad app offers the chance to showcase video content, image carousels or other rich media within the NCE iPad digital edition.


  • Digital first – digital edition available two days before print
  • Host whole supplements on the NCE bookshelf
  • Access your content anywhere on the globe

Marketing strengths: Announce and Explain, Contact and Convert


Get your message delivered straight to the inbox

Use daily news alerts and regular sector alerts to reach an attentive and motivated audience. The newsletters are sent to registered users who have requested to receive the latest news direct to their inbox.

Popular newsletters include:

  • Daily news: 10,700 registrants
  • Weekly news: 10,300
  • Transport news: 10,300 registrants
  • Water news: 9,000 registrants
  • Structures news: 6,400 registrants
  • Energy news: 5,100 registrants
  • Geotechnical news: 5,000 registrants

Average open rates: 25%

Marketing strengths: Announce & Explain, Contact & Convert


A banner at the top of the mobile site enables sponsors to take ownership of the whole mobile site.

A banner at the top of the mobile site enables sponsors to take ownership of the whole mobile site.

Bought on a monthly tenancy basis, mobile sponsorship enables your branding to be seen alongside leading editorial content read by an ever-increasing number of mobile users.

Marketing solution packages: Lead & Grow, Announce & Explain, Contact & Convert


Create dynamic, engaging video content

Let NCE produce a one-to-one interview with a representative from your company or as a project profile to raise awareness to an agreed issue within the market. New Civil Engineer has a multi-million pound film studio and editing suite to ensure that the resultant video is of the highest production value.

Package includes:

  • Maximum 5 minute interview with a member of the editorial team
  • Full editing and proofing available

  • Brand logo and sponsor’s logo 

  • 12 month hosting on-site next to relevant editorial
  • Highlighted editorial text link

  • Full campaign report each month

Marketing strengths: Announce & Explain, Contact & Convert


Contract publishing

Raise brand awareness in print

Advertising in New Civil Engineer puts your company at the fingertips of every member of the Institute of Civil Engineers and the most influential people in the civil engineering industry. Display advertising is the first touch point for your marketing campaign.

Standard ad formats include:

  • Full page
  • Trim
  • Bleed
  • Half page
  • Quarter page
  • Double page spread
  • News island
  • News bookends
  • News strip
  • Inserts

Every edition of the NCE is publishing digitally, providing you with a global online audience.

Marketing strengths: Announce & Explain, Contact & Convert


Make an impact in print

Creative ad formats in NCE enable you to stand out from your competition. A variety of different formats will get your brand noticed.

Formats include:

  • Bellyband
  • Cover Wrap
  • Gatefold
  • Tip-on
  • Polybag
  • Inserts

Advertising on or around the front cover of New Civil Engineer is the ultimate way to make sure your advertising is seen and your brand is recognized and talked about.

Marketing strengths: Announce & Explain, Lead & Grow


Utilise the expertise of NCE to publish a stand alone piece

New Civil Engineer’s can help you print a professional piece of publishing to use for promotional purposes. Popular and often archived, supplements can be presented as a separate publication within the poly bag.

Contract publishing pieces can also be hosted on the NCE Newstand.

Marketing strengths: Announce & Explain, Lead & Grow


Get your own advertorial in NCE

We provide advertorial space in NCE magazine in the form of sponsored columns. Clearly branded and maintaining your brand aesthetics through content you provide, advertorial enables your message to sit alongside NCE editorial features.

Advertorial includes:

  • 400 words from sponsor
  • Sponsor logo

A popular marketing solution, advertorial ensures clarity of your message direct to the key influencers in the engineering industry. Help raise your profile and compliment a digital campaign.

Other advertorial formats are available on request including DPS and full page.

Marketing strengths: Announce & Explain, Lead & Grow

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